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You can help the Youth Empowering Society by Donating Your Unused Vehicle

Your vehicle could really make a difference
Every donation large and small is appreciated.

You could really help the Youth Empowering Society by giving them your car. Let someone’s future change because of the car you no longer need. Most of the time, your vehicle gets you where you want to go, whether it’s to work, the supermarket, or some of your child’s games. But, as with most things, they wear out over time, get too limited as your kids grow, or simply don’t match your style of living. Whenever this did happen, we encouraged you to give your vehicle to Youth Empowering Society and let your old car become a vehicle for change.

It's easy to donate your car. This is how:

To donate a car, just fill out the simple online form below or call

If you give your car to the Youth Empowerment Society you'll get to: