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About Us

Mission Statement

Youth Empowering Society strives to serve as many young adults as possible with the resources we have available – every individual is important to our organization and we will not discriminate against anyone. By offering services that are concentrated on serving those less fortunate and addressing the greatest needs of our target community, we can make a positive contribution in helping the people we work with lead a more fulfilling life.

Educating Young Adults

Youth Empowering Society is an innovative, creative, and cutting-edge 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that exists to organize, primarily through the vehicles of educational programs and housing services, a positive, enriching environment that contributes to an improved quality of life for our underserved communities. Our organization’s projects, implemented by a well-trained staff, offer many opportunities for the reduction of depravity and poverty through needed intervention. Supporting the development of employable skills, healthful living, and stronger links to the community, the Youth Empowering Society provides many individuals with a thorough foundation for future health and success. Individual empowering and self-determination have always been strong components of the organization. Directed by El Simpson, the organization was conceived and organized to address the vocational, scholastic, and economic needs of the young adult population, to counteract failure, and to assist in the successful transition to life in a positive environment. Our mission is accomplished by addressing the critical issues of education and personal responsibility through programs and services that exercise high standards of ethics, coupled with best practices in management and accountability. Youth Empowering Society is dedicated to helping each person reach their individual potential by providing high quality, life-extending care and demonstrating passionate commitment to excellence. Y.E.S., believes that every life matters.
Our activities will be overseen by a group of well-qualified individuals. Our diverse staff members have ties to the community, and thus possess the unique ability to relate to the target demographic. Additionally, our Board of Directors is composed of a professional group of talented individuals who a r e dedicated t o committing their time and resources to building a stronger community.

Educating Young Adults

Youth Empowering Society’s administrators are in the developmental stages of establishing a Life Skills University that will instill in our clients a sense of financial stability, home economics, business development, and social involvement within their communities. In order to operate this program, our organization is seeking the funding or donations required to purchase a facility that may include housing accommodations, classrooms, offices, and a garden.
Youth Empowering Society cares not only about the health and well-being of our students but also about the environment. Therefore, our goal is to build a facility that will operate in the eco-friendliest manner possible. Our facility will have green energy applied to it in order to help save energy. Our aspiration is to run a facility efficiently, resulting in further cost-effectiveness while also reducing our footprint on the environment.
Every applicant is required to meet with representatives of our organization in order to complete a brief evaluation prior to admittance into our program. This meeting provides potential residents with the opportunity to discuss their previous scholastic experiences and for our staff members to determine if the organization is a proper match for their life skills development needs. Staff members will take into consideration motivation, attitude, and willingness to follow expectations when selecting our residents. Youth Empowering Society has established valuable relationships with educational institutions, government agencies, and community based organizations in order to receive referrals of potential clients.
After the enrollment process has been completed, our residents will begin attending the four-year Life Skills University program. Each student will wake up in the morning, prepare for the day, and eat a nutritious breakfast. During the school day, each student will participate in a variety of engaging lectures and hands on activities that will discuss entrepreneurial skills, finances, and personal development. The evenings and weekends will include time to complete any homework assignments, participate in recreational activities, and become involved in the local community. By the end of the program, each student will have the knowledge, experience, and resources required to begin operating their own business. All classes will be led by qualified instructors that have experience working with young adults.
Each client will have regularly scheduled household chores to complete that will establish a sense of pride and responsibility through the development of cleaning habits that lead to a safe and hygienic home life. Our belief is that these daily tasks will prepare our residents for successfully providing for themselves and their family members when they have the means to transition into their own accommodations. Every student will be provided with the food, linens, and basic needs required to live in the healthiest manner possible.
All of Youth Empowering Society’s programs will be staffed by qualified individuals that have expertise in their particular service area. Each staff person will be subject to a screening process that may include an application, criminal background check, and interview. The Executive Director of the organization will oversee all staff and client interactions while continuously employing his years of training and experience. Youth Empowering Society and the programs that are currently being offered aspire to improve the lives of everyone we are fortunate enough to work with.

El Simpson

Founder and Director

Youth Empowering Society

My Life Experience

Hello I am the founder of Youth Empowering Society. What YES is is a doorway into Life University, where we take 50 youths from the surrounding urban areas and show them basically everything regarding how to become a integral part of their community and society itself.
Those chosen for the program will be a mixture of young ladies and young men, we will house them, feed them, clothe them and basically, give them all the tools for financial freedom. During the program they will learn everything from shopping on a budget and then learning how to fix healthy meals for themselves. We will be working with the banks in the community to get everyone in the program a checking and savings account if they don’t already have one.
The banks will come in and do classes regarding financial understanding. The program is a doorway to building a better foundation for them and their families. All the meals are fixed in the cafeteria which their 3 meals a day will be prepared for them and by them.
This program is innovative in its concept, simply because we are only showing them old school values 1 student at a time. Cleveland, Ohio is the pilot program as Y.E.S. grows successfully; we will be able to take this model to other urban communities across the world. Because every place has an urban community. And YES and Life University will build an army of financial wizards 1 student at a time!

Felicia M. Hood

Assistant Executive Director of Youth Empowering Society

Born 4/24/1970.

Mother of 2 Sons

Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Indiana Wesleyan University Born and raised on the west side of Cleveland Ohio Attended Cleveland public schools. 30 years of financial and banking experience Owner of Insurmountable LLC And the Prom Angel @ Notary Public Certified financial advisor Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Kara K. Tatum

Founder Of K.o.c.a organization.

I am a native of Cleveland, Ohio and have, resided here my entire life. I am the Founder Of K.o.c.a organization.
(Keep Our Children Alive), Pure Definition LLC, Veda Incorporated and Wom,en Networking With Women. I recently started a campaign called I am her & I am him so who are you? It’s a program designated to providing services to women, men, and teenagers. Our core areas of focus are education, domestic violence, homelessness’s, and various life topic’s. Our skills and areas of expertise include Business Development, Educational Programs and more. I am very passionate about charitable organizations and women empowerment. I also sit on different Boards and committees throughout the state of Ohio. My hobbies and interests include reading, sports, fashion and writing poetry.

A Word About Me

Mr. Simpson has been in the forefront of young adults within his community for over 20 years. He has always strives to instill a better way of uplifting young adults. With that in mind he, decided that there was a need for a better way of bringing new leaders back into our urban cities through Y.E.S., and Life Skills University, Inc. Through these two programs Y.E.S., will give disadvantaged youths an opportunity for a successful and productive life. Our goal is to educate young adults between the ages of 18 to 24 in the areas of financial stability and community involvement. This is done through Life Skills University, which they will attend for 4 years. Youth Empowering Society “Y.E.S.” will house, clothe and feed them. Ultimately, each graduate will be equipped with the qualifications to enhance their communities.